Curriculum Vitae

       Princeton University, B. S. in Engineering, 1956.
       University of Pennsylvania, M. A., 1958; Ph. D. in History, 1963.
       San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute, Seminar Program, 1968-69, 1970-78.

       University of Pennsylvania, Instructor (part-time) in civil engineering, 1956-58; Teaching Assistant in history, 1958-61; visiting Associate Professor, summer, 1968.
       Kalamazoo College, Instructor, 1961-62.
       Lafayette College, Instructor, 1962-63.
       San Francisco State College/University, Assistant Professor, 1963-67; Associate Professor, 1967-71; Professor, 1971-2002 ; Associate of Experimental College, spring, 1966; Professor Emeritus, 2002-.
       Lehigh University, visiting Assistant Professor, summer, 1964.
       New York University, visiting Assistant Professor, summers, 1965, 1966.
       Antioch College, Visiting Scholar, Sept. 5-6, 1967.
       University of California, Berkeley, visiting Associate Professor, fall, 1968.
       University of Vermont, visiting Associate Professor, summer, 1969.
       Haverford College, visiting associate professor, fall, 1969.
       San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute, visiting Professor, 1974-75, 1978.
       University of East Anglia (Great Britain), Fulbright Professor, 1979-80.

       Teaching Assistantship Program, Department of History, San Francisco State College, 1966-68.
       Head Graduate Adviser, Department of History, San Francisco State College, 1966-67.
       Program Committee, American Historical Association (Pacific Coast Branch) convention, 1971, 1987; Program Chair, AHA (PCB) convention, 1982.
       Local Arrangements Chair, American Historical Association convention, 1973; XIV International Congress of Historical Sciences, 1975.
       Director, California History/Social Science Project (3-week summer institutes for public school teachers, SFSU campus), 1990-1992.
       Organizing Committee Chair, Conference on Early American History in Honor of R. S. Dunn, 1996.

       Vice President for Membership, United Professors of California at San Francisco State University (AFL-CIO 1352), 1972-73.
       President, UPC at SFSU, 1973-74.

       The Albert Cook Myers Collection of William Penn Material in the Chester County Historical Society. With Mary Maples & Frederick B. Tolles. (Privately printed, 1959).
       William Penn the Politician (Cornell University Press, 1965).
       Colonial Pennsylvania.  A History (Scribner’s, 1976).
       Editor.  America & England, 1558-1776 (Appleton, 1970).
       At Liberty.  The Story of a Community and a Generation.  The Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, High School Class of 1952 (University of Tennessee Press, 1989).
       American Childhoods (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002).
       Editorial Consultant.  Philadelphia: A 300-Year History (Norton, 1982)

       "The Reception of Darwinism at Princeton: The Seminary and the College," Journal of the Presbyterian Historical Society (1960).
"Jonathan Edwards and the Historians," Ibid. (1961).
       "The Pennsylvania Grant: A Re-evaluation," Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography  (1961).
       "John Lindsay: Future Hope of the G. O. P.?," San Francisco Sunday Chronicle (1965)
       "Ritual Action in Student Revolt," The Antioch Review (1969).
       ‘Professionalism and Politics in the A. H. A. [American Historical Association], Ibid.
       "Recent Scholarship on Anglo-American Relations, 1675-1775," in A. G. Olson and R. M. Brown, eds, Anglo-American Political Relations, 1675-1775 (Rutgers University Press, 1970).
       "The Writing of Colonial Pennsylvania History," Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (1970).
       "Signs of Our Times [billboards]," Sierra Club Bulletin (1970).
       "Robert Proud and his History," in L. H. Leder, ed, The Colonial Legacy: The Tory Historians  (Harper & Row, 1971).
       "Some of Our Best Indians Are Friends," The Western Historical Quarterly (1971)
       "Child Rearing in 17th-Century England and America," in Lloyd deMause, ed., The History of Childhood (Psychohistory Press, 1974; Harper & Row, 1975)
       "William Penn," The Encyclopedia Britannica (15th ed., 1974)
       John Quincy Adams: The Maternal Influence," Journal of Psychohistory (1976)
       "Perspectives on American Student Activism," Ibid.  (1979)
       "Mobility in Twentieth-Century Bethlehem, Pennsylvania," Pennsylvania History (1984)
       "Does the History of Childhood Have a Future," Journal of Psychohistory (1985)
       "Quakerism," in Jacob E. Cooke, ed., Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies (3 vols., 1993)
       "Childhood in Three Cultures in Early America," Pennsylvania History  (1997)
       "William Penn," in John W. Chambers, ed., The Oxford Encyclopedia of Military History (2000).
       "William Penn," in Paul S. Boyer, et al., eds., The Oxford Companion to United States History (2001).
       “African Americans: Childhood in Slavery and Childlike in Freedom. . . and Paul Robeson as Child and Parent,” in Joseph Dorinson and William Pensak, eds., Paul Robeson. Essays on His Life and Legacy(Jefferson, NC, 2002).

Book reviews in Arizona and the West, Dialogue, Earth, Journal of American History, Journal of Presbyterian History, Journal of Psychohistory, The Nation, The New Leader, New-York Historical Quarterly,  Pennsylvania History, Pennsylvvania Magazine of History and Biography,  The Progressive, San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Review of Books, The Western Historical Quarterly,William and Mary Quarterly.


       "Black Nationalism and the White Press," Association for the study of Negro Life and History in America, Baltimore, 1966
       Commentary on papers concerning politics in colonial Rhode Island and Pennsylvania, Organization of American Historians, Chicago, 1967.
       "The Flight to Pennsylvania: Affirmation or Denial of Quakerism?," Friends Historical Association, Philadelphia, 1970.
       "Childhood in 17th-Century England and America," American Historical Association (Pacific Coast Branch Meeting), Santa Barbara, 1972, 1975.
       Commentary, Popular Culture Association of the Western U. S., San Francisco, 1972.
       "Child Rearing in 17th-Century America," American Educational Research Association, Chicago, 1973
       "Teaching Psychohistory," Conference on Psychohistory, Stockton State College, NJ, October 1976.
       "Benjamin Franklin: A Psychohistory," Pennsylvania History Association, Allentown, PA, 1976.
       "The Public School as Acculturating Agency: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in the Mid-Twentieth Century, Pacfic Coast History of Education Society, Los Angeles, 1978.
       "Student Activism in the ’60s: A Psychoanalytic Perspective," International Psychohistory Association, New York, 1978.
       "An Oral History of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania," Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 1977.
       "Colonial American Society: Rural and Urban," tape lecture for M. Glazier, Inc., 1980.
       "Puritanism in America," American Studies Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 1980.
       "Collecting the Oral History of a Peer Group," Organization of American Historians, Minneapolis, 1980.
       "Public Schooling and Job Mobility: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania as a Case Study," Pennsylvania History Association, Wilkes Barre, PA, 1980.
       Commentary on papers delivered at "The World of William Penn" conference, Philadelphia, 1981.
       Chair, session on "Videotaping the West," American Historical Association, Los Angeles, 1981.
       "Childhood in America," University of Nevada, Reno, 1982.
       "American Childhoods: A Slide Lecture," American Historical Association (Pacific Coast Branch Meeting), 1986; San Francisco State University (faculty retreat), 1987; San Diego State University, 1987; University of California, Berkeley, 1988; Swarthmore College, 1988; University of Vermont, 1989; Case-Western Reserve University, 1989; Lehigh University, 1989; University of Oregon, 1990; medical staff, Kaiser Hospital, San Francisco, 1990; Child Assault Prevention Training Center of Northern California, Oakland, 1990; WestCoast Children’s Center, Albany, 1992; Bay Area Colonial Historians, Stanford, 1992; Philadelphia Center for Early American Studies, University of Pennsylvania, 1992.
       "Early American Social History," Docent Training Program, DeYoung Museum, San Francisco, 1986.
       "Viewing Childhood in Three Cultures in Early America from the Perspective of Attachment Theory," Conference on Early American History in Honor of R. S. Dunn, University of Pennsylvania, 1996.
       “Creating a Course on the History of American Childhood from a Cross-Cultural Perspective,” Conference on Representing the Child, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, 1998.
       “African-American Childhood in Slavery,” First Conference on the History of Childhood, Washington, DC, 2000.

       Book Editor, The American West, 1966-1970
       Contributing Editor, The Journal of Psychohistory, 1973-present
       Board of Editors, Dialogue. A Journal with a Psychoanalytic Perspective, 1978-1980

       Faculty Research Committee, SFSU, for $480, 1972; $680, 1973; $720, 1974; $4064, 1994.
       National Endowment for the Humanities, $10,000 planning grant to develop a multi-media project on the history of American Childhood, 1984.
       California History/Social Science Project, $100,000 (1990), $100,000 (1991), $100,000 (1992).

       Colonial Essay Award, The Colonial Society of Pennsylvania, 1960.
       Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award, SFSU, 1990.

       San Francisco Film Festival, Biography, 1982.
       CINE Festival, TV Documentaries, 1985.

       "Hearts and Hands" (One-hour documentary film on the social history of 19th-century women produced by Ferrero Films), 1987.
       “Ghirardelli: Portrait of a Family, 1849-1999” (exhibit at Museo ItaloAmericano, 9/17/99-1/9/00), 1998-1999.
       Benton Foundation, Washington DC: special consultant on childhood in America, 1999-.

       A Founder of the Marian Wright Edelman Institute for the Study of Children, Youth, and Families, San Francisco State University, 1997.
       San Francisco Court-Appointed Special Advocate [for foster children], 1999-2003.
       Board of Directors, Friends of J. Paul Leonard Library, San Francisco State University, 1999-2000..
       Board Of Governors, Dolphin Swiming and Boating Club, 2002-3..
       Cesar Chavez Elementary School, 2nd Grade aide, 2003.
       San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, general planning and execution, 2003-. (director, 2005-2007)

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